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Dick DeVos Grows the Family Name

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One of the most inspirational leaders as well as businessmen in present day is an individual known as Dick DeVos, an individual with many talents in not only the world of business, but also with many investment opportunities as well as the ability to inspire others. Dick DeVos was born a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family name that is most known in the state of Michigan. The DeVos family is noted in the state of Michigan for taking care of their community through many donations that support and improve projects that involve safety, art, economics, and many other important aspects of life.


Despite the fact that Dick DeVos is a member of this prominent family, Dick DeVos has been able to make a name for himself due to hard work as well as innovation that has generated much success to the family. In 2012, Dick DeVos was even named to be the 67th richest individual in the world which is not only due to his involvement with the family business of Amway Corporation, but is also due to his many investment endeavors. With a net worth of around $5.1 billion, Dick DeVos has used many of these funds in order to help others not only in his home state of Michigan, but also in regions across the country.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder as well as the developer of Amway Corporation, a company that has grown exponentially in the lifetime of Dick DeVos. Where he and his brother could, they would help out with the company even before any formal education. Dick DeVos has fond memories of not only playing with his brother in the family office, but also running errands for the employees of the company, greeting guests at annual conventions, as well as giving product descriptions to the clients of the company.


Dick DeVos has always loved business due to the fact that business is what brought his family close together. In the eyes of Dick DeVos, business is something that should be mixed with traditional family values. As a current businessman, Dick DeVos only makes business decisions that his family has either approved or that he thinks would benefit the family in the future. Dick DeVos is first and foremost a family man who has used his business opportunity in order to expand the family legacy for the DeVos family.


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Managing Online Business Reputation

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The internet has emerged as a major concern for company’s performance. A lot of major companies are being reviewed by channels that they do not even know they exist. Any business that is seeking to maintain their public image should be concerned about what the social media is talking about them. A tweet can reach thousands of customers, and business has no control over this message, and they are left with one option, to have a Reputation Defender.

Celebrities such as politicians, tycoons, and music stars have a career that makes them a target for many. Competitors of such people are always looking for ways to bring them down. One way to take down a competitor is by destroying their public image. Hence, it’s important to adopt certain strategies that will help you create and manage your online business reputation. Most of these celebrities invest in a team of experts to put their image together on the internet.

First, you need to be on a stake out for identity tracks. You have to be able to manage what the internet is saying about you. Your personal life executive team reputation makes the majority of the company brand value. You should be working to put an end to an online crisis before it is full-blown.

Identify the source of your attacks. This helps in fixing the problem for good. This can be achieved by seeking legal actions or settling problems with them. The main idea is to know why and who is traducing you or your business online and act accordingly.

Finally, you have to come up with a defensive plan. This can be coming up with a robust PR strategy spearheaded by a professional. One can also decide to offer training to the team responsible for marketing.


Business Profile

Capital Group’s New Chairman Business Profile

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Timothy Armour has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College. Has spent his entire career at Capital Group. Got his start participating in The Associates Program. Made his way to Equity Investment Analyst covering global telecommunications and U.S. service companies. Moved to Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman. Before taking the position of Chairman…Director..and Principal Executive Officer at Capital’s Research and Management Company.

It was announced he was elected as Chairman on July 28, 2015. He and other senior members of the firm’s management were hired to continue and oversee Capital’s previous committee like structure. An eight person outfit operating in a more collegiate fashion than involving individual leadership. Yet some of this individuality has surfaced under Armour’s reign. He became Chairman upon the death of his predecessor Jim Rothberg.

Tim Armour feels the job of the long term investment manager is look for value in enough places to do better than the market average over meaningful periods of time. Also feeling the best managers spent time researching companies. Applying in depth analysis ti inform their views. And uncovering insights on the future prospects of these companies. And stressed doing better in the market during bad times and protecting the downside was also a critical part of the job.

Janet Yang felt he was a good choice due to his upholding Capital’s patient and long term approach. Another aspect of their management style is allowing managers and analysts to handle small slices of a client’s portfolio. Also transitioning personnel on and off these portfolios allowed for more movement within the company. Creating the most stable and long tenured teams in the investment profession Yang is of the opinion Armour is helping Capital with its public relations image. Capital also has a history of avoiding media interviews. Nor offering any disclosure regarding into its inner workings. Or portfolio contributions of its individual managers. Yet the company’s profile has risen in the public between 2008 and 2013.

Armour commented on Capital’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management. Citing the broad plan to co-design investment solutions to fulfill savings…retirement..and insurance linked needs of Korean investors. Feeling Korea was facing demographic challenges in meeting the long term financial needs of its aging population. In September 2015…he commented on China’s market selloff. Feeling they were in a rocky transition from a closed investment led economy controlled by the Chinese government to a open consumer led economy.

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George Soros Meets with Democrats to Discuss New Strategy

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After the most recent presidential election, Democrat leaders regrouped and looked to find ways to regain power. Since the party lost both the House and the Senate, it is now in need of a new strategy to win over voters and hopefully get a majority of seats by the midterm elections of 2018. The Democrats met with billionaire George Soros in Washington to begin discussions. George Soros has long been a valuable ally to the Democrat party for many years. He has regularly contributed millions of dollars to liberal Democrat candidates which have been quite substantial. As a result of his contributions, he has been able to provide the party with a considerable amount of resources for campaigns. He will look to do this again over the next couple of years. During meetings, the Democrats and George Soros concluded that they will need to appoint new leadership, invest more money in campaigns and preserve Obamacare.

During the meetings with George Soros, the Democrats will be looking to challenge a number of Donald Trump’s policies. They believe that Trump will likely create a lot of problems if his policies are enforced. Democrat leaders will look to contest Trump on immigration. It has been well known that Trump has looked to deport millions of immigrants once he becomes president. However, the Democrats believe that this will create a lot of social unrest and ruin the lives of many immigrants living in the nation. Therefore, they will look to make sure these immigrants stay in the nation. The Democrats are also concerned about Trump increasing the deficit and national debt. George Soros’ desire to cut taxes will lead to more economic inequality as well as leading to fiscal problems. As a result, the Democrats will look to prevent Trump from adopting policies that can potentially set the nation back.

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In order to increase their chances of regaining power, the Democrats believe that it will be necessary to appoint new leadership. This will help the party have new faces and therefore lead to setting up a progressive agenda. It will also allow the Democrats to have a new perspective on how to facilitate fiscal responsibility and social progress. They are now looking to appoint Keith Ellison as the head of the Democratic National Committee. With his appointment, Ellison will be in position to rally the Democrats and look for a number of quality politicians that will appeal to voters in the near future.

As well as appointing new leadership, the Democrats are also looking to find ways to appeal to more voters. They will look to invest more money in the campaigns of party members who run in conservative states. With the help of George Soros, the Democrats will likely have access to millions of dollars to put together more effective campaigns. The Democrats believe that they will need to win the trust of the working class voters. This particular group of voters elected Trump and the Republicans. Democrats will need to get votes from this demographic in order to get back control of both the senate and the House of Representatives.

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Bernardo Chua Uses Networking Sales to Spread Organo Around the World

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In recent years, direct sales has become a consistent and successful method of sales, and Organo Gold is a perfect example of using this growing sales approach. You could associate networking companies with pyramid schemes, but Bernardo Chua is using it to bring Ganoderma to the awareness of the world with his company, Organo Gold that stands 55th on the international list of direct sales businesses.

Bernardo Chua began using direct sales with his first company, Gano Excel. Gano Excel was founded in Canada and sold Ganoderma as a health supplement, and Bernardo gained experience with the business and promoting Ganoderma.

Promoting Ganoderm is a life-long mission for Mr. Chua because as a child growing up in the Philippines, his mother used it in their household. Ganoderma is a mushroom found in the Asian Mountains that is full of antioxidants and rich nutrients, and it has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years.

Bernardo Chua experienced the abilities of this mountain mushroom and decided that he wanted to take Ganoderma into the western world. In 2004, he closed Gano Excel because he had devised a unique way to infuse the Ganoderma into coffee and teas, which would allow more people to enjoy it.

In 2007, using the finest Ganoderma, Mr. Chua founded Organo as a gourmet coffee club. Organo also sells several other natural beauty products and Ganoderma in capsule form, but the focus is on the infused coffees and teas.

According to PR News Wire, at the end of 2016, Bernardo Chua has over one million distributors servicing 35 countries and Turkey was recently opened to Organo distributors this year. Bernardo has tremendous business skills, which he excels in with direct sales, and he is a fantastic people person. You can see this in his appeal with his employees as he asks his employees to please call him “Bernie,” while remaining an excellent professional.

With the main office in British Columbia, Canada, Bernardo Chua is positioned to successfully access the whole globe, one country at a time, with his delicious and nutritious hot beverages. He chose the networking approach because it is convenient for his customers to obtain and use.

Stem Cell Therapy

How Lung Disease Patients can Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

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There has been a rapid rise in the number of lung disease patients over the past few years. This has largely been caused by lifestyle changes. Several interventions have been advanced to help those who are grappling with this disorder. Stem cell therapy is one of the most notable advancements. This intervention is gaining popularity due to its ability to improve the overall health of individuals who are affected by interstitial lung disease.

How it Works

Stem cell therapy is an alternative treatment, which basically involves the extraction of analogous stem cells. The cells are thereafter instilled in the affected region. This helps stimulate the natural healing process of the body. There is virtually no possibility of the stem cells being rejected by a patient’s body when carrying out this procedure.

Those who have undergone it regain their ability to breathe effortlessly and accomplish their daily tasks without depending on supplemented oxygen. Patients do not experience any pain when undergoing the procedure, and during the healing process. Since the stem cells are extracted from a patient’s body, there are no side effects. This explains why many people are choosing to undergo stem cell therapy at institutions such as The lung Institute.

The Lung Institute in Brief

The Lung Institute is a leading provider of stem cell therapies, which benefit patients suffering from maladies such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis. Since its establishment, the institution has managed to treat more than 3,000 patients in the U.S alone. Its clinics are strategically located in Nashville, Tenn., Tampa, Fla., Pittsburg, Pa., Dallas, Texas, and Scottsdale, Ariz. These clinics are served by highly competent and experienced practitioners, which explains why the institution has an impressive success rate.

The Lung Institute has gained international recognition due to its use of groundbreaking procedures in the treatment of lung disorders. Its practitioners have a combined medical experience that surpasses 100 years. It similarly boasts of world-class facilities, which go a long way in enhancing the recovery of its patients. Due to the growing demand for stem cell therapies, the organization has been offering outpatient stem cell procedures. This has helped improve the quality of life of more individuals.

If you want to learn more about lung cancer or lung cancer treatment by Lung Institute, visit the Lung Institute website and their YouTube channel.


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FreedomPop Has Several Plans To Choose From For Cell Phone And Internet Services

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FreedomPop wants to be able to accommodate as many customers as they can with their services, and any FreedomPop review talks about the many services that the company has, especially if it can give information to anyone who needs it. FreedomPop mostly deals with cell phone service, but they also have Internet services as well. The cell phone services consist of the free plan, paid plan, and the unlimited everything plan. The paid plan is $10.99, and the unlimited everything plan is $19.99. All three plans are usable on any smartphone and even some basic phones as well.

The cell phones that are not purchased directly from FreedomPop must be Android or iPhones with at least 7.0 software for the iPhone or 4.0 software or higher for an Android. Only unlocked phones that are brought to the FreedomPop network can work, which means they have to be unlocked from any network they were originally on. FreedomPop also sells their very own phones, which are ready to connect to services. Those with a Sprint phone can always bring it to FreedomPop, but anyone with a GSM phone has to get a sim card to allow the phone to work with FreedomPop.

Any GSM phone that is used with FreedomPop will take the FreedomPop sim card, which can also be used in overseas nations, such as the UK, Spain, Denmark and more. Using the services in these countries won’t cost anything extra because FreedomPop allows the services to be utilized in dozens of countries. Even the free cell phone plan can be used in places like the UK, which can save anyone money, especially if they have the need to travel. The Internet plans from FreedomPop are also great and are available on the portable hotspots or the FreedomPop Hub.

Those using the FreedomPop Hub can use it in their home and will be able to get Wi-Fi services from the hub for up to eight different devices. Choose any plan available for the FreedomPop Hub and still receive 1 GB of free data each month. The portable hotspots receive 500 MB of data for free each month, and there are several plans available for the hotspots as well. Wi-Fi services available from FreedomPop can be found on over 10 million different hotspots and only costs five dollars each month and can be used on cell phones as well as other devices.

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David Osio and Davos Real Estate Group Present New Application

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The executive team at Davos Real Estate Group, led by Chief Executive Officer David Osio recently announced the development of a mobile app called Davos CAP Calculator. While making the announcement, the company said that the app would help customers estimate their real estate investments more accurately and conveniently.

The application was developed using modern technology and is available on Android and iPhone mobile devices. Customers will be able to identify properties via their mobile devices and make real estate reports to Davos agents with a simple chat. According to the company, this is only an initial installment of a series of applications for the future.

The Founder and CEO said that his company developed the app so that its customers are guided on financial matters to invest more prudently in real estate in the United States. Gerard Gonzalez, an executive at the company, added that the app was so innovative that investors will make financial decisions more effectively than ever before.

For example, investors can estimate the amount of rent for a property that meets their income needs. Mortgage Calculator is among innovative tools within the app. It allows users to estimate mortgages according to the bank’s projections. One can easily tell the rate of interest and funding period.

The development of the app is among several projects that the firm is undertaking in pursuit of its vision of offering excellent service to its clientele. Davos Real Estate has increased its agent platform by an impressive 60%. This represents a 75% increase in sales in 2016’s first half. This app and others in future will perhaps further increase the company’s customer base and sales.

In recent months, Davos Real Estate Group has developed strategic partnerships with international real estate agents. This has helped them expand their horizons to serve European countries, key among them Spain. The company styles itself as a real estate powerhouse in the US, Venezuela, and Latin America.

David Osio is the founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group, the parent company that owns Davos Real Estate Group. He holds a degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Venezuela. He is an accomplished real estate professional and leads other executives in financial advisory and asset management services. He is also a notable philanthropist.

Before establishing Davos Financial Group, David Osio was the Vice President of Commercial Banking at Miami’s Banko Latino International. He was charged with the responsibility of defining marketing strategy, supervising all corporate departments and managing customer acquisitions.

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Cosmetics Industry

Dooe Deere Dreams The Impossible And Builds Makeup Empire

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Let’s be honest; there’s a lot of competition in the world of beauty, especially when it comes to cosmetics. There are giant companies out there controlling the makeup we wear and defining lipsticks and eye shadows that are socially acceptable. That is, until Doe Deere came along. Her Lime Crime makeup brand has broken all the rules and soared to global fame.

The Russian born businesswoman spoke to recently, to talk about the business and her entrepreneurial spirit. Even at the young age of 13, Doe Deere was already making her mark in beauty, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates.

She moved to New York City at age 17 and dreamed of becoming a musician, so she joined a rock band and met her husband to be there. They’ve been together ever since. Doe Deere fell into the world of makeup when she had a challenging time trying to hunt down bright, colorful cosmetics that she enjoyed wearing. Even in a huge metropolis like NYC, there was little to choose from. That’s when the beauty with the candy-colored hair established her own brand and launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008.

Doe Deere wasn’t sure people would understand her makeup vision, but boy, was she wrong. Young women and men flocked to her wildly-colored palettes and sparkly eye shadows and naughty lipsticks. These days, Lime Crime is sitting at the top of the social media heap, with an Instagram account of 2.4 million followers.

Her advice was simple. Have a dream, believe in yourself and create something with the great skills or talents you’ve been given. Don’t throw in the towel; hang tough and keep plugging away.

Do Deere believes in the value of building a brand on e-commerce and social media, and she enjoys communicating with her makeup addicted fans. They all inspire each other and share some incredible makeup selfies wearing Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe Deere hopes that her edgy makeup allows both young women and men to define beauty in their own way and to develop a stronger sense of self. Too often, she believes that society judges harshly, when that should have zero to do with what we believe in.

Her About Us page at LimeCrime’s shopping website sums it up this way:

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

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Global Services

Executive Mosaic Organization Recognizes IAP Worldwide Services Inc.’s CEO Douglas Kitani

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Douglas Kitani, Chief Executive Officer and Director at IAP Worldwide Services is recognized for his leadership accomplishments of leading the professional team to success within a year of joining the corporation. The Executive Mosaic Organization included Kitani to its Washington 100 List to acknowledge his commitment and dedication of winning governmental contracts. He demonstrated excellence and dedication to IAP Worldwide Services by delivering life-saving services to the public in the United States. Douglas is a member of the a high-acclaimed group of leaders in private and public sectors chosen by the organization. He said in a News Release that IAP’s mission is to consistently help their government clients achieve their obligations to Americans.

Kitani doesn’t take credit for the success of IAP, but rather acknowledges the leadership team, including their new executives who joined the company after organizational restructuring on In 2014, he joined IAP soon after the restructure to lead and oversee operations. Between 2014 and 2015 he and the executive team accomplished improving its business development which led to winning contracts with the government. They also introduced a thorough plan for rebranding to help with identifying and efficiently communicating proficiencies and competitive benefits.

Before accepting the election to serve as CEO and Director of IAP, Douglas served in the U.S. Army as an officer. He is a graduate from the United States Military Academy and has experience as a private equity investor and executive in the aerospace and defense. With more than 20 years of leadership experience, Kitani has prior career experience on working for DynCorp International and serving on the Boards of Joint Ventures. He was responsible for acquisitions and planning while serving on the Board. DynCorp and IAP are working on the DoD’s Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Operations and Logistics Support contract for USAF.

IAP Worldwide Services provides solutions and support to government agencies and non-governmental organizations for expeditionary infrastructure, power generation, aviation, technology, and communications. The first contract IAP won was for the U.S. Army in Saudi Arabia to provide generator equipment and supplies. For over 60 years, IAP provides services in logistics, operations, military base operations, support, and technology.

IAP announced in a News Release on January 22, 2015 that Executive Mosaic Organizations included Douglas Kitani in its Washington 100 List of leaders. In 2016, Kitani and the executive team has contributed to IAP winning $1.9 billion contracts with the Navy, Air Force and Army. The most recent contract is with U.S. Army to provide support of the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS). The acknowledgement is an honor for the CEO and the entire executive team for strategically planning and restructuring IAP. The U.S. government continues to trust IAP Worldwide Services for delivering reputable services and solutions, nationally and internationally.