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Mike Baur; a Swiss Businessman

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Mike Baur spent more than two decades in the banking industry before he decided to venture into the world of business. Working for all those years gave him an invaluable experience in customer relations and leadership.



Mike started his career at the UBS wealth management where he worked for 17 years. He was promoted through the different ranks. For nine years he worked at the UBS Fribourg. He was later out in charge of wealth management in the bank and later the key client group. He left the bank in 2008 and joined the Clariden Leu in December 2008 as the Head of the Private Banking.



After two years in the position, Mike was promoted to head the private banking section. He left the bank in September 2012 and joined the Sallfort private bank the following year. He was in charge of the head of the private banking, and he stayed with the company for one year six months before moving on to the next venture.



He soon joined the entrepreneurial sector when he launched the Baur IS in 2014. He has been serving as the CEO of the company since then. During the same period, he also launched ‘Think Reloaded AG’ which he serves as the founder and CEO till today.



It is. However, his work at the Swiss Start up a factory that has ranked him as a business man. He is the co-founder of the company which was launched in January 2015. He has been serving as the executive chairman since then. The Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator for the digital entrepreneurs. They provide opportunities for all the interested parties from the first day. In October that year, the Swiss Startup Association was launched, and he is the director.



In 2016 still another Swiss Startup affiliate was launched- the Swiss Startup Invest. Mike Baur serves as the deputy managing director for the company. Swiss Startup Invest is a financing platform for the High-Tech startups in Switzerland.



Since 2015, Mike has been serving as the Vice President of the Innovation Lab Fribourg



Mike attended the University of Applied Science Bern where he received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. He later decided to further his studies by enrolling in the University at Bern for his Executive Master of Business Administration. During the same period, he received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester.



Kim Dao’s Style Nanda Shopping Trip

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Kim Dao takes us on a shopping trip in Korea in the video “Korea Vlog: Shop in KOREA Myeongdong STYLE NANDA & Haul.” The video opens with shots of the busy and exciting streets of Seoul, Korea. Kim Dao and her friends are also shown in a clip at the beginning as they prep for a day of shopping in the city. One of the first places that Kim Dao highlights is HOLIKAHOLIKA, where GUDETAMA makeup can be found. There is also delicious rose ice cream being prepared in one of the shops that looks almost too pretty to eat. Kim Dao enjoys a delicious lunch with her friends before they officially get the shopping day started. The lunch that Kim Dao and her friends are enjoying looks so steamy and well prepared, it’s as if you can taste the food through the screen. Once Kim Dao and her friends finish eating, they visit STYLE NANDA. The displays look exquisite with flowers and gold accents everywhere. Kim Dao and her friends have fun trying on hats and looking through the numerous accessories. It is definitely a fun trip for sure, as she and her friends share laughs throughout this video.

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Dental Care

Why Choosing MB2 Dental Is One Of The Best Options For You To Proceed With

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MB2 Dental is giving people an opportunity of enrolling in a dental care option plan that will enable them to receive a myriad of benefits in pertinence to their health.

If you are unsure about what steps you can take to proceed with making appropriate decisions for your health care, then you should be aware that the conditions of your teeth have a crucial role in the quality of your health. Many are not aware that the slightest tasks of dental work can greatly affect their lives for the good.

Why not enroll in a healthcare plan that will give you everything you need to have proper dental work conducted? It is a low cost option of protecting your health as long as you choose to enroll in the services of a dental program that offers what they provide for low costs. This is why many are preferring MB2 Dental today.

The work that they provide are unmatched in comparison with rival competitors. Not only are the work that they provide unmatched, but they also have different types of options for your appointment scheduling and custom types of services available in which you can choose what types of dental work you will have done, on what day, and what time. According to White Pages, in other words, MB2 Dental offers an unbeatable amount of flexibility in their service options.

Be sure to speak with one of their advisers today and they will gladly guide you through the proper processes required to attain the optimal qualities of dental work that you not only need, but should also want.

It is a great opportunity that anyone should seek to proceed with and take advantage of. It is highly recommended for you to ensure that you do not let the opportunity of being able to receive such services pass you by.

The health of your teeth have a major impact on the overall levels of your health. By acquiring the right services for the right price, you are definitely setting yourself up for absolute success. Please do not neglect your health as you may regret doing so one day.

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It’s Just A Little Lie

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People tell little white lies all the time according to a recent video that Wengie has posted. These are usually harmless and are meant in fun. When you talk to someone you haven’t seen in a while, you might tell that person you’ll call and never do because you don’t have a number, you get too busy or simply forget to call the person. You might not even want to talk to that person and just say you’ll call so that the conversation isn’t awkward.


Many people tell someone to remind them the next day of something important that needs to be done. The other person will agree, and then the reminder is never given. This is how things tend to get pushed back and never completed on time. You could also tell someone that you’ll do something tomorrow and simply never do it because you don’t want to stop doing what you want to do at the moment, never completing the task at all.


When it comes to food and candy, you might tell yourself that you’ll have just one, but in reality, you know that you’ll go back for one more or even several more. When someone makes a dish that you haven’t tried, you might tell the person that the dish is good even though it looks unappealing and the dish really isn’t something that you enjoy. You tell someone it’s good to make the person feel better about the food that they have made for you.


Inspirational Women

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime – Makeup with Attitude

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Anyone well-versed in the fashion and makeup worlds has heard the name “Lime Crime” before — potentially also mixed with Doe Deere, for good reason. Doe Deere, born in Russia Russia but raised in New York City, started lime crime with a very important mission — to change the makeup industry.


Deere has been working for years on her goal of changing the makeup industry. She wishes to prove to people that makeup doesn’t just cover up imperfections and small blemishes; but rather is a form of expression of one’s true colors. As such, Deere decided to launch her own makeup brand in 2008; aiming to make a brand of makeup that anyone can use to express themselves when the society norm makeup doesn’t match their personality or style.


As one might imagine based on that description, Lime Crime offers a great variety of “quirky” makeup colors; colors and designs you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Such colors and designs include, but are not limited to, suedeberry, rustic — from their matte velventines line — to colors such as eclipse and posh in their metallic velventines line.


Of course, one might be wondering why exactly Deere decided on the name Lime Crime for her company. Her overall goal was to make a makeup line as unique as it gets, so did she apply the same process to her company’s name? Well… the short answer is, yes. Her decision was fairly simple, however — it was a mix of her favorite color, lime, and her goal to make makeup so unique, wearing it may as well be considered a crime — something Deere has definitely managed to accomplish in recent years, based om the success of her company, and her success as an entrepreneur.


As an entrepreneur of her own company, Doe Deere often has to keep up with trends — ones she doesn’t set herself, that is. One trend that particularly excites her, as she states herself, is the transition from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce. This interest sparks from the fact that she was once told women would never buy makeup online – wanting to try it on themselves. Deere, however, believed in herself and pushed through, despite the negative feedback — supplying customers with an “on-the-lips” display of lipstick, creating the new industry standard.


All in all, it’s fairly easy to see why Deere and Lime Crime have had such an undeniable impact on the makeup industry.


Visit to discover more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime.


Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Social Media Presence

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It is one thing to start a company and another to keep it in business and profitable for years. This is something that Adam and his brother Gust Goettl can be commended for. The company was began in 1939 where there was little technology and thus people had a difficult time living during the hot summers and the cold winters. Since the identification of the problem, the company started building and manufacturing cooling and heating equipment for the people.



Currently, Goettl Air Conditioning Company concentrates on installing heating systems and air conditioners into resident areas and also in commercial centers. Moreover, the company takes care of equipment that is broken and does maintenance and repair for their clients. With their main goal being to offer comfortable homes to their clients, the company makes sure that the systems installed in their clients’ houses match up to the houses.



Additionally, Goettl Air Conditioning Company also offers plumbing services to their clients in both the residential areas and in commercial property. Together with Sunny Plumbers, they are able to avail their plumbing services and offer drainage solutions to their clients all around the country.



Goettl Air Conditioning Company was began in Phoenix, providing solutions to their clients. However, with the years, the company has partnered with various companies such as Air Paradise to expand their boundaries. So far, they have offices in New York Las Vegas, Tucson and areas in Southern California.



The company has a strong social media presence as well. They use their LinkedIn account where they communicate to their target market who they are what they do. They have a display of their contacts and who to reach when they need the services. Also, they use the account to advertise their vacancies so that those who share the same vision can get a chance to work with the firm.

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Top 5 Best Vintners In The UK

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All across the world dating back to 4100 BC, people were indulging in the delicious wine beverage. Vintners all around the world has been preparing the most delicious and unique blends to provide to the wine loving community. Here, I have created a list for you of the best and most tasteful UK Vintners:

The Vintner
Merchant Vintners
A&B Vintners
Viader Vintners

The Vintner offers over 50 different selections of high-quality wines, located in London. They also sell champagne and are fairly boastful due to their such unique taste that they offer. Vintners have been well known to impress even the pickiest wine enthusiast, as well as offering guidance for beginners when making plans for casual or grand events. When choosing from the selection of wine you have to also think about what food you will be pairing it with. This is crucial to the overall taste of your event, and that is one of the many reasons that put this UK Vintner at the top of the list.

The Merchant Vintners was founded in 1965 and for having spent the past half- century catering to low key business. They may not be the most popular company in the running, but they are most definitely on the rise. They have also claimed themselves to be the next big UK Vintners on the rise buying group. The company’s confidence attracts customers as does their variety of different selections of tasteful wines. The company’s main goal is to provide an independent successful family owned wine merchants and hopefully expand their horizons in the UK Vintners industry.

The UKV PLC company has been notably recognized for their high quality, delicious blends of wine. They are also well-known for boasting about their trait of ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. Whether you want to build your chic little wine cellar or just looking to enjoy a bottle of exquisite wine UKV PLC has all the necessities you will need. The UKV PLC sells wine accessories, such as wine glasses and decanters. They offer blends from Italy, Burgundy and Spanish wines.

A&B Vintners are the best vintners in the UK. Based in Kent by the founder, John Arnold in 1998, they also supply wine from some of the most beautiful and well-natured countries such as Australia, Oregon, and the Rhone Valley. They are most famous for their rosé and wines and champagnes.

Viader Vintners is located in Cardiff in the UK. For the past 15 years, they have been proving the nation with the most mouth-watering wines. They bring their unique taste all the way from South America and Alsace as well as locally in Wales. Everyone will be sure to find something to suit their personal taste at Viader Vintners.

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Dick DeVos Grows the Family Name

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One of the most inspirational leaders as well as businessmen in present day is an individual known as Dick DeVos, an individual with many talents in not only the world of business, but also with many investment opportunities as well as the ability to inspire others. Dick DeVos was born a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family name that is most known in the state of Michigan. The DeVos family is noted in the state of Michigan for taking care of their community through many donations that support and improve projects that involve safety, art, economics, and many other important aspects of life.


Despite the fact that Dick DeVos is a member of this prominent family, Dick DeVos has been able to make a name for himself due to hard work as well as innovation that has generated much success to the family. In 2012, Dick DeVos was even named to be the 67th richest individual in the world which is not only due to his involvement with the family business of Amway Corporation, but is also due to his many investment endeavors. With a net worth of around $5.1 billion, Dick DeVos has used many of these funds in order to help others not only in his home state of Michigan, but also in regions across the country.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder as well as the developer of Amway Corporation, a company that has grown exponentially in the lifetime of Dick DeVos. Where he and his brother could, they would help out with the company even before any formal education. Dick DeVos has fond memories of not only playing with his brother in the family office, but also running errands for the employees of the company, greeting guests at annual conventions, as well as giving product descriptions to the clients of the company.


Dick DeVos has always loved business due to the fact that business is what brought his family close together. In the eyes of Dick DeVos, business is something that should be mixed with traditional family values. As a current businessman, Dick DeVos only makes business decisions that his family has either approved or that he thinks would benefit the family in the future. Dick DeVos is first and foremost a family man who has used his business opportunity in order to expand the family legacy for the DeVos family.


Online Review Sites

Managing Online Business Reputation

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The internet has emerged as a major concern for company’s performance. A lot of major companies are being reviewed by channels that they do not even know they exist. Any business that is seeking to maintain their public image should be concerned about what the social media is talking about them. A tweet can reach thousands of customers, and business has no control over this message, and they are left with one option, to have a Reputation Defender.

Celebrities such as politicians, tycoons, and music stars have a career that makes them a target for many. Competitors of such people are always looking for ways to bring them down. One way to take down a competitor is by destroying their public image. Hence, it’s important to adopt certain strategies that will help you create and manage your online business reputation. Most of these celebrities invest in a team of experts to put their image together on the internet.

First, you need to be on a stake out for identity tracks. You have to be able to manage what the internet is saying about you. Your personal life executive team reputation makes the majority of the company brand value. You should be working to put an end to an online crisis before it is full-blown.

Identify the source of your attacks. This helps in fixing the problem for good. This can be achieved by seeking legal actions or settling problems with them. The main idea is to know why and who is traducing you or your business online and act accordingly.

Finally, you have to come up with a defensive plan. This can be coming up with a robust PR strategy spearheaded by a professional. One can also decide to offer training to the team responsible for marketing.


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Capital Group’s New Chairman Business Profile

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Timothy Armour has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College. Has spent his entire career at Capital Group. Got his start participating in The Associates Program. Made his way to Equity Investment Analyst covering global telecommunications and U.S. service companies. Moved to Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman. Before taking the position of Chairman…Director..and Principal Executive Officer at Capital’s Research and Management Company.

It was announced he was elected as Chairman on July 28, 2015. He and other senior members of the firm’s management were hired to continue and oversee Capital’s previous committee like structure. An eight person outfit operating in a more collegiate fashion than involving individual leadership. Yet some of this individuality has surfaced under Armour’s reign. He became Chairman upon the death of his predecessor Jim Rothberg.

Tim Armour feels the job of the long term investment manager is look for value in enough places to do better than the market average over meaningful periods of time. Also feeling the best managers spent time researching companies. Applying in depth analysis ti inform their views. And uncovering insights on the future prospects of these companies. And stressed doing better in the market during bad times and protecting the downside was also a critical part of the job.

Janet Yang felt he was a good choice due to his upholding Capital’s patient and long term approach. Another aspect of their management style is allowing managers and analysts to handle small slices of a client’s portfolio. Also transitioning personnel on and off these portfolios allowed for more movement within the company. Creating the most stable and long tenured teams in the investment profession Yang is of the opinion Armour is helping Capital with its public relations image. Capital also has a history of avoiding media interviews. Nor offering any disclosure regarding into its inner workings. Or portfolio contributions of its individual managers. Yet the company’s profile has risen in the public between 2008 and 2013.

Armour commented on Capital’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management. Citing the broad plan to co-design investment solutions to fulfill savings…retirement..and insurance linked needs of Korean investors. Feeling Korea was facing demographic challenges in meeting the long term financial needs of its aging population. In September 2015…he commented on China’s market selloff. Feeling they were in a rocky transition from a closed investment led economy controlled by the Chinese government to a open consumer led economy.

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